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To Buy 8 Tonne Prestige/Shubham Thermax TMT is need to bu...
I need 8 tonne Prestige or Shubham thermax TMT in sizes 8, 10, 12mm at Potka, Jharkhand. […]
Potka, Jharkhand 831002, India
To Buy 21 Tonne Sheets and Plates at Bikaner, Rajasthan
I need to buy 21 tonne Sheets and Plates at Bikaner, Rajasthan. Dealers from the given lo […]
Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001, India
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25 Tonne MS Pipe to buy at Bareilly, U.P
I need 25 tonne MS Pipe at Bareilly, U.P. Distributor or manufacturers get in touch soon […]
2 Stadium Road , Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243005, India
To Sell 5000 tonne Scrap at West Bengal
I need to sell 5000 tonne scrap at West Bengal location. Buyers need to contact me, only […]
West Bengal , India
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30 Tonne Bitumen drum Scrap is to Sell at Kosi Kalan, U.P
I have around 30 tonne bitumen drum scrap at Kosi Kalan,Mathura, U.P. Buyers from any reg […]
Srinagar - Kanyakumari Highway , Kosi Kalan, Uttar Pradesh 281403, India
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To Sell 9 Tonne Scrap at Noida
I have 8-9 tonne iron scrap at Noida. Buyers from the nearby region get in touch soon.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh , India
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To Sell Heavy Scrap at West Bengal
I need to sell heavy scrap at West Bengal location. Buyers get in touch soon.
Chhota Bainan, West Bengal 713427, India
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To Sell 10 Tonne Next Gen TMT at Durgapur
I need to sell 10 tonne next gen TMT in sizes 8mm to 16mm at Durgapur or any nerby locati […]
Durgapur, West Bengal 713203, India

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