Abbreviations – Iron and Steel Industry

Following is the list of commonly used abbreviations in Iron & Steel Industry. Abbreviations are as per defined by Indian Standard (IS)

ISJBIndian Standard Junior Beam
ISLBIndian Standard Light Beam
ISMBIndian Standard Medium Beam
ISHBIndian Standard Heavy Beam
ISWBIndian Standard Wide Flange Beam
ISJCIndian Standard Junior Channel
ISLCIndian Standard Light Channel
ISMCIndian Standard Medium Channel
ISSCIndian Standard Special Channel
ISJTIndian Standard Junior Tee Bar
ISNTIndian Standard Rolled Normal Tee Bar
ISDTIndian Standard Rolled Deep Legged Tee Bar
ISLTIndian Standard Slit Light Weight Tee Bar
ISMTIndian Standard Slit Medium Weight Tee Bar
ISHTIndian Standard Tee Bar for H-Sections
ISSTIndian Standard Long Legged Tee Bar
ISAIndian Standard Angle (Equal/Unequal)
ISBAIndian Standard Bulb Angle
ISROIndian Standard Round Bar
ISSQIndian Standard Square Bar
ISFIndian Standard Flat
ISPLIndian Standard Plate
ISSHIndian Standard Sheet
ISSTIndian Standard Strip
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