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Advantages and Importance of Steel Material

Steel as a material plays a crucial role in economic development of a country. Indian Steel Industry is one of the oldest and largest; playing a vital role in infrastructure and manufacturing activity. Steel has low production cost, high strength, good formability and weldability; and can be recycled to full use. Here we list down the advantages and importance of steel:

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio; when cost is considered, steel is unmatched in competition for its high strength.
  • Toughness, Weldability, Machinability and Formability of Steel, makes it available for high number of industrial and manufacturing applications.
  • Properties of Steel don’t change with time; which makes it a suitable material for structural purposes.
  • Steel scrap can be recycled completely making it an eco-friendly material and has best scrap value amongst building materials.
  • By special surface treatment, coating or alloying, steel can be made non-corrosive material.
  • Using different heat treatment processes, many varieties of steel can be produced for different applications.
  • High amount of familiarity and knowledge on steel production, use and maintenance across India.
  • Steel structures can be erected at a faster rate. They can be easily modified and efficiently altered.
  • Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of Steel provides an excellent ‘time value of money’. LCC includes
    a) Production cost
    b) Cost of putting it to use
    c) Maintenance and repair cost
    d) Cost of recycling and effect on environment
advantages of steel material

Steel has become one of the indispensable material playing important role in wide range of engineering and manufacturing applications.

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