Alang Rolling Prices | Market Rates

All rates mentioned below are Per Metric Tonne and in Indian Rupees (₹). 18% GST will be extra. Rates are only for informational use.
PlaceStateProductPrice (₹) PMT
excl. GST
Updated On
AlangGujarat14 ANI4640023-March-2023
AlangGujarat12 ANI4620023-March-2023
AlangGujarat10 ANI4600023-March-2023
AlangGujarat8 ANI4540023-March-2023
AlangGujarat6 ANI4460023-March-2023
AlangGujarat4 ANI4410023-March-2023
AlangGujarat5 Kg4520023-March-2023
AlangGujarat2 Kg4450023-March-2023
AlangGujarat1 Kg4050023-March-2023

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