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Collapsible and Rolling Steel Doors

Steel Doors provide increased safety and have a longer life. In this article, we discuss two common types of Steel Doors, that are (1) Collapsible Steel Doors and (2) Rolling Steel Doors.

Collapsible Steel Doors are used in residential buildings, schools, warehouses, hospitals, shops, public buildings, etc. One of their advantage is that they provide light and ventilation even if the door is closed. Door consist of a mild steel frame which can be opened or closed by pull or push. In the frame, steel channels (15mm or 20mm wide) are joined together by cross iron pieces. Rollers are provided at bottom and top for easy movement.

Rolling Steel Doors are used in shops, warehouses, factories, etc. They are opened up by rolling up and closed by rolling down. Door consist of guiding channel, drum at top and shutter of thin steel sheets. Horizontal shafts and springs are provided in the drum. Drum can be covered by a thin steel sheet. Shutter can be closed and opened by a little push or pull.

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