Gauge Measurement & Local Help – Iron & Steel

Gauge Measurement is used to define thickness or diameter of wire, sheets and other materials. It is commonly used in Iron & Steel industry.

In India, Standard Gauge (British) system is followed; one should not confuse it with American or French Gauge system. There is a small difference between Gauge for Diameter(in wire) and Gauge for Thickness(in sheets)

Find the conversion chart below for gauge measurement:

7/0 refers to “0000000”, similarly for others

Local Help

Few of the local measurement conversions, which one should be aware of. It can be helpful when dealing with rural customers too.

1 soot ( सूत )1/8th inch3.175 mm
1 hath ( हाथ )18 inch.4572 meter
1 Gaz ( गज़ )36 inch.91 meter
1 Gathha (गट्ठा)99 inch2.5146 meter
1 Kachha Beegha (कच्चा बीघा)9075 sq. ft.843 sq. meter
1 Pakka Beegha (पक्का बीघा)27225 sq. ft.2529 sq. meter
1 Acre (एकड़)43560 sq. ft.4046.8 sq. meter
1 Hectare2.471 acre10,000 sq. meter

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