HSN Codes – Iron and Steel Materials

HSN means “Harmonized System of Nomenclature”. Developed by WCO (World Customs Organization), it helps to classify goods in systematic manner. HSN codes are six digit codes, which are accepted worldwide. Under GST, government has made it necessary for businesses to declare HSN code of the product in tax invoice. In this case, only 6 digits of HSN code need to be declared. Following is the list of commonly used HSN codes in our iron & steel industry.

For services, we have SAC (Services Accounting Code) for uniform classification.

For Labour services, SAC of 998519 is generally used.

ProductHSN CodeTax Rate
MS GI Wires
Barbed Wire73130018%
Razor Blade Wire73130018%
MS Binding Wire – Mild Steel72171018%
MS GI Color Coated Coils, Sheets & Plates
CR Sheets and Plates in coil720915/16/17/1818%
CR Sheets and Plates not in coil720925/26/27/2818%
HR Sheets and Plates in coil, pickled720825/26/2718%
HR Sheets and Plates in coil720836/37/38/3918%
HR Sheets and Plates, with relief pattern72084018%
HR Sheets and Plates not in coil720851/52/53/5418%
GI Coils, Sheets & Plates – Galvanized72104918%
GC Sheets – Galvanized Corrugated72104118%
Color Coated Coils & Sheets72107018%
Color Coated Profile Roofing Sheets72107018%
Wire Mesh
MS Welded Wire Mesh – Mild Steel73142018%
GI Welded Wire Mesh – Galvanized73142018%
Chain Linked Wire Mesh73142018%
MS GI Structural Products
MS Bar TMT Bar – Mild Steel72142018%
MS Flat – Mild Steel72111418%
MS Bar (Round/Square) – Mild Steel72151018%
MS Angle/Girder/Channel72165018%
MS Pipes & Tubes – Mild Steel73069018%
GI Pipes & Tubes – Galvanized73061918%
SS Products
SS Pipes & Tubes – Stainless Steel73069018%
SS Bars & Rods – Stainless Steel722211/19/2018%
SS Angles, Shape & Sections – Stainless Steel72224018%
SS Sheets & Plates in coil – Stainless Steel721911/12/13/1418%
SS Sheets & Plates not in coil – Stainless Steel721921/22/23/2418%
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