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Light Gauge Sections – Cold Formed Steel

Cold formed sections of steel are new development when compared to hot rolled sections. Light gauge sections are formed in mass production by rolling the material in cold condition. At small scale, they can also be economically formed by bending the steel sheets or strips in press brakes.

Light Gauge sections are used in short span lengths and are for lighter loads. They provide cost benefit for such use cases. A large variety of such sections can be developed in the cold state according to the requirements. They are connected with screws, rivets and bolts or by welding.

For framing members, these sections provide a good strength to weight ratio. They are economical and can be easily produced when compared with hot rolled sections. Thickness of framing members ranges from 1.2 mm to 4.0 mm. Common shapes are channels, zees, angles, hat sections, tees, tubular sections, I-sections, etc.

Roofing sheets like Galvanized Corrugated Sheets or Colored Profile Metro Sheets are also examples of cold formed sections. They have been in used for decades. In this case, thickness can go as low upto 0.30 mm.

There are large variety of light gauge sections available providing desired strength. They can be used in floor and roof decks, wall panels, as framing members, etc.

Google Image search for such sections can provide good illustrations for this:

Light Gauge Sections

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