Amba Shakti TMT Rebars


Amba Shakti 550 SD TMT bars are made with a controlled chemistry of carbon, sulphur, phosphorous and other alloying elements. Carbon equivalent is maintained in a lower range to facilitate good weldability.

Amba Shakti 550 SD TMT Bars, if cut and washed with acid, would give a view of “Three Layers” which provides its supreme merits. That makes Amba Shakti 550 SD TMT Bars most trust worthy and makes the best construction.


Amba Shakti with its integrated plants in North India is a leader in steel business. The heritage of Amba Group spans more than 40 years, beginning in 1974. Currently group is involved in the manufacturing of TMT Rebars, Angles and Channels, Billets and Sponge Iron. “Amba” is no more a name, it’s a brand, a national leader in the manufacturing, distribution and service of steel. With every new manufacturing plant, facility or dealer we make a new potential customer - a new relationship.

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