Rajuri Steel TMT Rebars


Rajuri TMT Bars are reputed for their unique ductility and corrosion-resistant properties. As the manufacturing process utilizes HSE Thermex technology from Germany, it has elongation values that give it excellent bend properties.

The bars are strongly corrosion-resistant because the carbides that commonly cause corrosion do not form because of controlled water cooling. Improved corrosion resistance is also a result of the absence of surface stress from the cold twisting process.


Rajuri Steels & TMT Bars Pvt Ltd is a market pioneer in the manufacture of quality corrosion-resistant TMT Steel. It is testimony to the rigorous quality inspection process followed at our integrated plant. Rajuri adopted Thermex Germany’s quenching and tempering technology to ensure a consistent product and inspire trust among customers. It has built up an advanced quality management system, and with a view to consolidating its leadership, Rajuri Steels has focused on recruiting and […]

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