Rathi Stelmax TMT Rebars


Rathi Stelmax TMT Rebars are steel bars of Fe 500 grade made as per IS 1786-2008. Stringent quality control measures are adopted at the time of manufacturing so that TMT bars get the desired quality parameters. Proper selection of raw material to proper rolling and quenching gives us the best quality TMT bars. These bars are available in a wide range of diameters from 8mm to 32mm suitable for all types of requirement.

As STELMAX® TMT’s weight range is on lower side, you get more length per ton of steel-bar you purchase.


Rathi industries is pioneer in steel rebar sector since last 70 years and have assisted its ever growing clientele by providing best quality products & services. Rathi Industries Ltd. started 'Complete Steel Reinforcement Solutions' under the brand name 'Stelmax' to provide all materials required during RCC available under one roof i.e. TMT Steel Bars, Binding Wires, Stirrups (Rings), Lintel Beam Kit, and Steel Chairs and Cement, Cover blocks of all sizes.

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