Shyam Steel TMT Rebar


The Shyam Steel Re-bars Fe 500D is a special grade of TMT Re-bars produced under specific process conditions resulting in increased strength as compared to other grades of TMT Rebars. Fe 500D Rebars are ideal for applications in heavy load RCC structures like flyovers, dams, bridges and other critical structures where high yield load (design load) is required without compromising on the ductility.

In addition to the features of Shyam Steel TMT Re-bars, they also exhibit special weldability and higher corrosion resistance. Shyam Steel Fe 500D TMT bars are available in dia 8mm to 25mm.


Established in 1953, Shyam Steel Group is one of the leading TMT Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in India, manufacturing TMT Rebar, Billets and Sponge Iron. Guided by a philosophy to produce safe and sustainable steel, it is a pioneer in quality production of steel. Shyam Steel is associated with the largest institutional projects in India. Their quality steel products are used for large government entities including public sector undertakings such as National Highway Authority of Indi […]

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