SRMB CRS TMT Bar is produced by adding alloying elements like Cr, Cu, Ni, Mo and P, either individually or in combination, to improve allied product properties. In the Electric Furnace, corrosion resistant elements like phosphorus, copper/chromium are added to the molten steel, while carbon and sulphur is reduced further through refining and deslagging. The microalloyed molten steel are then casted into billets and rolled in a controlled quenching and tempering process to impart the desired corrosion resistant properties to the end product.

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SRMB Srijan Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of TMT bars and structural construction materials in Eastern India. The company was started in 1951. It has 1 production plant in West Bengal and 1 in Orissa and planning to set up further integrated plants in neighboring states. Apart from its product line, the company firmly believes in promoting sports and is well known for its past and present associations with many big names like Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL - 9, Atletico De K […]

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