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5 tonne Saluja Gold TMT at Phusro, Jharkhand
Saluja Gold TMT quotation 8mm-69700/tonne, 10-25mm-68700/tonne, GST Included, Loading charges extra
Phusro, Jharkhand 829144, India
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2 tonne Stainless steel pipes is needed at Nangloi, West ...
JSL Stainless pipes - 260/kg + GST + transport
Delhi - Rohtak Road , Nangloi, Delhi 110041, India
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Jindal TMT is needed at Rewa, M.P
Jindal TMT Quotation- 8mm-69826/tonne, 18-25mm- 68926/tonne, GST+Transport extra
Rewa, Madhya Pradesh 486001, India
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SAIL/JSW TMT is needed at Jhajjar, Haryana
SAIL TMT Quotation 8mm-61000/tonne, 10mm-59500/tonne, 12-25mm- 58500/tonne, GST 18%+Loading+Frete
Jhajjar, Haryana 124103, India
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5 tonne Fortune TMT is needed at Sakoli, Maharashtra
Fortune TMT Quotation 8mm-68000/tonne, 10-25mm- 66500/tonne, GST Included, FOR TO
Sakoli, Maharashtra 441802, India
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10 tonne HB Wire is required at Sehore, M.P
HB Wire - Rs 55 + GST + transport
Sehore, Madhya Pradesh 466001, India
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10 tonne angle and flats is needed at Jamshedpur
Quotation - 55500/tonne GST + transport charges
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831001, India
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20 tonne Raipur TMT is needed at Nirmal, Telangana
Raipur TMT Quotation 8mm-52511/tonne, 10-20mm- 51511/tonne, GST 18%+Loading+Frete
Nirman, Telangana 502375, India
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10 tonne SAIL TMT is required at Sonipat, Haryana
SAIL TMT Quotation 8mm-59100/tonne, 10mm-57600/tonne 12-32mm- 56600/tonne, GST 18%+Loading+Frete
Sonipat, Haryana 131001, India
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To buy 5 tonne C R Coil at Jaipur
SAIL CR Coil quotation - 64500/tonne, GST-18%, LOADING, FREIGHT EXTRA
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006, India
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12 tonne secondary brand TMT is required at Thane, Mahar...
Kamdhenu TMT quotation 8mm- 65624/tonne, 10mm-64624/tonne, 12-25mm- 61124/tonne GST Included, Loading charges extra
Thnae, Maharashtra 421392, India
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25 tonne Bansal TMT is needed at Vidisha, M.P
Bansal TMT Quotation 8mm-67500/tonne, 10-32mm- 66300/tonne, GST +Loading+Freight Included, FOR
Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh 464001, India
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12 tonne Amba Shakti TMT is needed at Jalesar Dist. Etah,...
Amba shakti TMT quotation 8mm-66300/tonne, 10mm-65200/tonne, 12-20mm-63200/tonne, GST + loading+freight included
Jalesar, Uttar Pradesh 207302, India
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4 Tonne Kamdhenu TMT is required at Balaghat, M.P
Kamdhenu TMT quotation 8mm-68500/tonne, 10-20mm-66000/tonne, GST Included, Loading charges extra
Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh 481001, India
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13 tonne Balmukund/TATA TMT is requuired at Bettiah, Bihar
Balmukund TMT quotation 8mm-73000/tonne, 10-20mm-71000/tonne, GST, loading, freight Included
Kaviwar Nepali Path , Bettiah, Bihar 845438, India
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15 tonne Durgapur TMT is to buy at Sidhapkala, Bihar
Durgapur TMT Quotation 8mm- 63248/tonne, 10-25mm- 61478/tonne, 32mm-63248/tonne, GST Included, Loading+Freight extra
Sidhapkala, Bihar 847228, India
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To buy 25 tonne Nirmann TMT at Khurai Dist. Sagar, M.P
Nirmann TMT quotation 8mm-63384/tonne, 10-20mm-62204/tonne, GST Included, Transportation charges extra
Khurai, Madhya Pradesh 470117, India
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15 tonne Durgapur/Ecoplus TMT is required at Bangarmau Di...
Durgapur TMT Quotation 8mm-64074/tonne, 10-32mm- 62304/tonne, GST Included, Loading+Freight Extra
Bangarmau, Uttar Pradesh 209868, India
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2 tonne Rajuri TMT is required at Sangli, Maharashtra
Rajuri TMT quotation 8mm- 70000/tonne, 10mm-32mm- 69000/tonne, GST Included, loading+freight Extra
Sangli, Maharashtra 416416, India
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3 tonne Rajuri TMT is needed at Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Rajuri TMT quotation 8mm- 70500/tonne, 10mm-32mm- 69000/tonne, GST Included, loading+freight Extra
Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001, India