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Steel Piles used in Deep Foundations

Piles are deep foundations. Piles are relatively long, slender members and are either driven into the ground or bored cast in place. Piles are used when the soil is loose and will not be able to withstand the load coming from the structure. Steel Piles are often used because of their high bearing capacity and ability to withstand stresses. Steel Piles are used as the load bearing piles in three different forms: (1) H-Beam Piles, (2) Box Piles and (3) Tube Piles.

H-Beam Piles

These are the most commonly used piles. They are usually of wide flange section and can also be used as columns for the structure. Because of their small cross sectional area, they can be easily driven into the soil.

Box Piles

Box Piles are available in many forms. They can be rectangular or octagonal in shape; driven either with closed bottom or with open bottom. Concrete is then filled up in the box.

Tube Piles

Tubes or Pipes of Steel are driven as Piles in the ground. They can have either closed bottom or open bottom. Concrete is filled up inside the tube.

Extra material in case of steel piles can be removed later on from the top and can be reused again. These piles are not damaged by sea insects and can last for a long period. To prevent corrosion, steel piles may be provided an anti-corrosive coating.

A simple Google search for steel pile foundation, will help you get illustrative examples for the same:

steel piles foundation

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