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    12mm Wire Rod is required at Chennai
    I need 20 tonne Wire Rod in size 12mm at Chennai, Tamilnadu. Manufacturers or distributor […]
    7 2nd Street , Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600012, India
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    25 Tonne Wire Rod is needed at Kunti, Jharkhand
    I need 25 tonne wire rod at Karra, Khunti Jharkhand in size 5.5mm. Manucturers give me th […]
    Karra, Jharkhand 835209, India
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    To buy 5000kg HB Wire at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
    I am in need of 5000kg HB Wire in 12gauge is needed at Jamshedpur,Jharkhand. Dealer from […]
    Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831001, India
    20 Tonne Wire Rod is required at Ratlam, M.P
    I am in need of buy 20 tone wire rod in size 5.5mm at Ratlam, M.P. Suppliers give me the best rates.
    Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh 457001, India

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    1. 18mm wirerod

      1. Hello Himanshu, do you need wirerod or a supplier of wire rod? Please elaborate on your comment.

    2. Which type of wire required for chain link fence

      1. GI Wire is used with thickness ranging from 2 to 3 mm

    3. I need 2.5mm ms hb wire pickling done qty 5000kgs

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